Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.
--Daniel Patrick Moynihan

January 31, 2019

The Wind Chill Factor

By David K. Shipler

                President Trump warmed the hearts of Americans today by declaring the wind chill factor “FAKE NEWS” concocted by “Democrat weathermen” who are part of the “deep state.”
                “Wrong!” he tweeted right before breakfast toward the end of his insomnia. “The weathermen seem to be extremely passive and naïve when it comes to temperature. Don’t they read their own thermometers? The thermometer says 10 below, and they say it feels like 40 below! Sad!”
                In case his point was lost, he added the obvious, somewhat gratuitously: “Perhaps meteorology (I got that from spellcheck) should go back to school!”
                Millions of his fervent supporters across the country felt immediately warmer. In Wisconsin, the 27,000 citizens who put him over the edge in 2016 went without coats and gloves. One told a TV reporter at WXYZ, “See? Trump tells it like it is.” Another, who left his MAGA hat home, slapped his arms around himself and jumped up and down, his breath in a freezing fog before him. He declared happily, “Trump keeps his promises!”   


  1. This is satire, folks--the whole thing, tweet and all. I point this out because two people who are very smart have thought it was true--testimony to how goofy the real president is. However, most of the tweet's language is taken from Trump's actual tweet about the intelligence chiefs after they released their annual report and testified before Congress. We are in an alternate universe!

  2. I guess the cold must be getting to you Dave! Without your comment I could have believed that Trump actually did refer to wind chill as “fake news”. I don’t recall when we were growing up having school closed because it was too cold, and as you know we didn’t have busses we walked or relied on a parent to drive us! Well next week it is supposed to be spring like.